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You Can Get Affordable Garage Door Repair from Our Team!

When a company is called “Affordable Garage Door Repair,” the name tells you everything you need to know. We’re a no-nonsense, all-business company. We don’t rely on creative gimmicks or clever names to attract customers, because our track record, and our company name, speak for themselves. Quite simply, we’re the best garage door repair company in both Salt Lake County and Davis County (and probably the rest of Utah, too, but we’re too modest to say so). That’s because installing, replacing, and repairing garage doors is all we do. It’s more than a specialty – it’s our mission. We’re locally-owned and operated, so let us help you, our neighbors, serve all your garage door needs.

Every word in our name reflects a part of our mission and helps define who we are and how we function as a business:


Here at Affordable Garage Door Repair, we believe that you shouldn’t have to break the bank to have a garage that runs smoothly and looks as nice as the rest of your house. Lots of garage door repair companies claim to be affordable, but how many have the word “affordable” as their first name? When you get service from Affordable Garage Door Repair, you’re making the wisest possible decision for your both your wallet and your garage.

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Your garage performs many essential functions. It protects your vehicle(s) and the possessions you store inside it from Mother Nature, and its security codes and locks help keep your home safe from intrusion and theft. A garage without a functioning door is useless. It’s just like any other room, only colder. Your garage door deserves the best installation and maintenance possible. It deserves the best garage door repair company in both Davis County and Salt Lake County. It deserves Affordable Garage Door Repair, the company that does it best by making your garage door as good as new, or even better.


The word “repair” derives from two Latin words that most closely translate to “make ready again.” We not only make your garage door ready for everyday use; we can make it better than ever with quality materials and expert craftsmanship.  

Whether your garage needs a new spring, a new opener, or a total replacement, give your garage the respect it deserves. Let Affordable Garage Door Repair, the best garage door company in both Salt Lake County and Davis County, give you an affordable garage door repair. Click here to request service today, or call (801) 447-1263.

The owner of this company is amazing. He is so caring and really wants the best for his customers. It is nice to find a company who really stands behind their work. I would use this company again.

Wow! My mom called them out for some work, and ultimately got a new garage door motor. She’d had some confusion about a her purchase, the work that was done, etc. The people at Affordable Garage Door were proactive about ensuring that she not only understood but was completely satisfied with the overall experience. They took time to explain the mechanisms of the door, how the new motor worked, what we can do to keep it well maintained either on our own or through them, and made sure to leave us feeling confident overall. Highly recommend!

I had a very old garage motor that I knew was on borrowed time. It finally broke and I called Affordable Garage. They sent Jason out to me who confirmed that I needed an upgrade. He gave me options with different prices that I felt were very fair. Jason was super nice and very professional. He did an awesome job and now I don’t have to worry about my garage going out on me. Thanks Jason!

Scott came out and an outstanding job updating me about my garage door and did an awesome job fixing my garage door! Definitely recommend this company for your upcoming needs!!

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