As a homeowner, you most likely have concerns about keeping your home safe and secure. While most burglaries happen when someone enters through the front door or a window on the first floor of a home, 9% of them happen through the garage. This may cause you to question if your garage is as safe as it could be. Here are some tips that will help make your garage more secure.

Install Window Coverings

Does your garage have a window that lets in natural light? If so, you may not have thought about putting a window covering on this window by using blinds or drapes. An open window will allow others to look inside and see what you could be storing in your garage or if you are home with your car parked inside.

Get a Garage Door Without Windows

If the time has come to get a new garage door, consider getting one that has solid panels instead of one with windows. This design will limit the ability for others to look inside your garage, making it more secure.

If you are not ready to get a brand new garage door, you can always tint the glass so that looking inside is very difficult.

Install Deadbolts on the Doors

The door between your house and the attached garage may have a deadbolt installed on it, but what about the door going into your garage from outside? With a majority of burglaries being done by forced entry, your doors need as much reinforcement as they can get. Have a deadbolt installed to make breaking in much harder.

Use Motion Sensor Lights by the Doors

If someone can be spotted trying to break into your garage, that may be enough to deter them from doing so. Motion sensor lights are a great way to add this level of protection because they will light up the side door and garage door when someone gets near them. In addition, they make getting in and out of your garage easier at night because the doors will be bathed in bright light.

Keep Your Garage Door Remotes Secure

Police in some cities have noticed a new trend: some burglars target cars with visible garage door openers in them. Since this device is so common, you may not think twice about leaving it in a clearly visible place, but the opener is essentially a key to your home. When combined with other information that could be in your car with your address on it, such as your registration or car insurance information, a thief will know exactly where to go to use the garage door opener that they stole.

Consider hiding your garage door remote when it is not in use. If you park your car in the driveway instead of the garage, you should bring the remote inside so someone can't easily break into your car to get into your garage.

Install a Garage Door Timer

Sometimes a thief can get into a garage because the door is left wide open. This can easily happen if you came inside with a handful of groceries or your kids forgot to close the door. Give yourself some peace of mind by having your garage door opener replaced with one that has a built-in timer. You can set the time limit for the garage door to automatically close or disable it when you plan on working in your garage for an extended period of time.

Making security improvements to your garage may seem tough, but it doesn't have to be. If you want to make a change to something like the garage door opener, Affordable Garage Door Repairs can help do it for you.